Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ho il rafffreddore

I caught another cold. I'm not surprised, cause in every one of my classes someone was blatantly contagious and coughing. My friends out of class were coughing. The guy I see was sick last week. With just a little bit less sleep than usual and eating habits that kind of went astray, I guess I was asking to get sick.

I have to read a bunch of "Orlando Furioso" still. I only got about 6 stanzas in on Thursday. I have probably about 40-50 left. My teacher said we didn't have to understand it word for word, but still. I did my first journal entry for composition, I need to re-read for my lit class, and do some work for Japanese.

I got some booty the other day. A simple date turned into a by-the-pool-table make out session. Which then  became street corners and the subway platform. To go further or not to go, the debate rages on until next time.

Okay. I should stop listening to Liz Phair and pull out some Ariosto. Peace out.

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