Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things I've done.

1. Went to England and Finland. Yeaaaaaaaah boooooy.
2. Snuggled. A lot.
3. Had an amazing time.
4. Walked at graduation but didn't get to technically graduate. That's in the works.
5. Got into grad school in London. Peace out NYC.
6. Spent some time down the beach. Noice.
7. Discovered I can get wasted off of a bottle of wine, and that there is no better club than The Purple Turtle.
8. Beer in England is RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP.
9. Lunch in the park with your boyfriend is kind of amazing.
10. Summer in NYC is hot and busy but my friends make it fun.

That's a quick list. Today is a trashy trance day and I love it. I've been experimenting with tumblr but I don't like it's commenting and such. I still like Vox the most. Once I get back to England, I'll revive my abroad blog and do some vlogs too perhaps?

Okay. Bedtime for me. Peace.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I completely forgot about this blog. 100 percent. I need to start writing again. I've been blogging since 2001 and I don't intend to stop. Those deadjournals and livejournals have been closed for quite a long time now. I don't intend on reviving them.

Needless to say, lots and lots has happened. The fall semester of 2008 was extremely rough, but the Spring of 2010 was nice. I received an award from the Italian faculty for the History of Italian Literature courses, which was a nice pat on the back.

My Summer was a bit of a whirlwind. I couldn't tell you what I did during the first half of the summer. I did enjoy a bit of time at my grandma's beach house. My favorites are the days where I can sit with my grandma and the dog, relax and chit-chat and then ride my bike over to my friends house and get inebriated off of magical drinks that my ex's sister makes. My ex and I are best friend's thankfully. I decided I liked men, it happens. She's currently living in NYC but we always hang out down the shore, go figure.

I had a bit of a revelation when a good friend and I finally admitted we liked each other. More on that later. Then I flew off to Japan for Obon, which is a holiday period in Japan. The dates depend on where you live in Japan, but in Kansai (i.e. Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto) it's in early August.

The weather was surprisingly nice in Japan. I got to meet the host student my Japanese mom and dad took care of in the spring and we all went on a trip. I'd say he's kind of like my brother via my non existent Japanese lineage. After he returned back to the ol' US of A, I spent lots of time relaxing with my good friends from my Uni there, three of whom are possibly the best women I've ever met.

One of the most surreal moments was sitting with my two friends, meeting an italian girl friend of theirs, speaking to her in Japanese since my Italian had grown rusty and then meeting up with my Dutch friend that I go to para para clubs with, all in Kyoto which was the capital for roughly 1,000 years.

I fell in love with Kyoto this past summer.

Cooking with Okaa-san and drinking beer while talking about deep stuff was lots of fun. I'm grateful that I can do all of that while not speaking a word of English, and we rarely have to pause so I can look something up.

The rest of my summer was lazy.

The fall semester was insane, but I was reunited with my favorite professor (who is now back on sabbatical, sad face) and spent much time talking with my first professor, who I wish was my sister. I love my department and I love the friends I've made. Minus one who's a hick and did something not so nice to one of my best friends but stupid American boys will always be stupid American boys.

Most recently, I spent a week in Iceland. Reykjavík to be exact. I fell in love, both with the city and with my aforementioned i-was-always-in-love-with-him friend. Granted we live nowhere near each other but it's quite nice managing to find someone who thinks as highly of me as I do him, and who treats me nicely as well. Dating in New York City is absolutely awful and I'm glad to never have to do it again.

Now, things to come in the future! In a convenient bulleted list.
-Losing my European virginity in June and July. I'd love to visit my friends in France Germany and Norway but the three places that I am going without a doubt are England, Finland and Italy. Staying with friends is very visitor and wallet friendly.
-Graduating. Then going for my MA, perhaps across the pond.
-Spending as much time studying in Central Park as I can. I haven't taken advantage of it.
-Getting used to driving. I have my license, but it's time to stop letting it languish.
-Lots and lots of papers in Italian and lots of art history. I'm proud of myself for staying on top of my work rather than ignoring readings etc. as usual.
-JLPT in the summer. And perhaps I'll take a Finnish course. I may be insane.

I think that's all. It's been such a long time, but I really need to get writing more. I miss it.