Thursday, November 27, 2008

Una figuraccia

Today was not a good day.

Not for any reason in particular. I did want to buy a new computer and I didn't cause I let what certain people have to say burrow into my brain and I second guessed myself. The usual damn pattern.

I do like the song "Broken Strings" by James Morrison. Nelly Furtado is in it, which is enough for me.

I made brownies and they turned out awful.

I have to write homeworks for grammar class on bicyclists, songs about them, clips from a movie, etc. etc. etc. So annoying but god are they late.

Anche se non voglio fare una figuraccia, la faccio ogni giorno.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Il cerchio

We've started and finished Dante. I really like his stuff, and it's really interesting to see how his body of work reflects his life at the time. Of course, as it's literature, you can't parallel everything to a real-life event as there's no auto-biography written by the great author himself.

It's amazing to see how he wrote all of these beautiful works in the dolce stil novo period, and then gets hardened, and goes so far as to write in poetry in hard sounds and in a really hard, tormented manner. 

Of course the Comedy in and of itself is layered with morality, personality and emotions. He almost condemns his past work in Canto 5, which we read. 

In other news, I had a presentation that went far too long in Japanese, I have a Japanese accent when speaking Italian, and cronica gialla are not fun at all because I can't do thrillers in English, much less Italian peppered with Sicilian vocabulary.

I went to a show on Thursday night and got much drunker than expected, though the cab ride to my friend's was safe and much faster than a trip back to my own home. I'll  be doing that more often.

Off to do absolutely, positively nothing.

Friday, November 14, 2008

C'è un po'

I have a Japanese accent when I speak Italian.

My professor said it, then some friends, then my other professor confirmed after a presentation.

Honestly, that's pretty crazy and just a little bit exciting. I'm used to speaking in another language so I don't hesitate trying to pronounce things correctly. Too bad I pause too much at double consonants and don't keep my self from pronouncing rolled r's a bit like l's. 

Example: rilassarmi. It's one of my least favorite words.

I do enjoy the words auguroni and 希望 at the moment. Many wishes and hope.

I'm proud of the fact that my brain adapted to Japanese enough to leave an accent when I speak Italian. It's kind of frustrating that I'm fluent in neither but what can you do.

I did do a presentation on dialects. I hope I can learn more about dialects besides some Osaka dialect in Japanese. I'd love to learn some Sicilian or Calabrian Greek. I need an Italian boyfriend.

In other news, I watch P.S. I Love You and cried like a baby. I hope I'll find someone that nice. One really does start to feel like they have a disfigured face when their longest relationship is 9 days and they've never said those three special words. 

Work in the am. Goodnight.

P.S. If anyone even reads this, can you leave a comment? I've not done anonymous blogging before. I've blogged for over  8 years but never on a site like Blogger and not under cover of night. Go click that button.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hometown Glory

I live in arguably the best city in the world. Songs have been written about it.

Yet, the last place I want to be is here. It's fucking lonely. My friends are all busy with new relationships or busy with their own problems and dramas. I need to make new friends but come next semester, it will be very different since most people work and their schedules don't match.

And so on and on and on.

I found out I won't be working every weekend. I just may not make it to both Italy and Japan this summer. Those are the two things keeping me going. I also am looking forward to Canada over Winter break to visit good friends. I'll be hitting up New England too.

I really just don't know. I have no motivation for Italian. I feel awful and blocked and lost. I do well in Japanese class at least.

(miss)understood - Ayumi Hamasaki


"What do you really want?
What do you really wish?
Where are you headed?
And who are you going with?

It's the first and the last time
For you to live as yourself
After spreading out your map
you should draw your own way"

Forgive the lyrics, but it's been on repeat lately. 

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I'm thinking of changing my major to Classics.

I won't, but I love the idea of moving to Greece and traveling through the Mediterranean researching ruins and gods that aren't discussed anymore. I feel like marrying someone Greek and eating Baklava once in a while. I want to sit on a beach with clear blue water. 

I was talking about Japan again last night. As claustrophobic as that society is, I really would love to live there again. Even if I don't have a deep friendship with 2 people, at least I'll have 20 to e-mail with, get a drink with and bullshit with.

Right now, I have no friends I see and hang out with on a regular basis. Open bar last night was good though. I needed some drinks and a loud and crazy cab ride back to get out all the kinks.

This doesn't change the fact that I have to translate Cavalcanti and read more about Dante.

We're doing La Vita Nuova and moving onto La Commedia soon. I need to get into Italian.

Does anyone know any Italians who need a boyfriend? Thanks.

Right. Off to the Cavalcanti.