Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have a cold so no work for me.

There's two things I know I can always count on in my life: my mom and my grandma. They've been there for me since the beginning and they always have advice for me. My grandma always visited me in the nursery and I've always seen her plenty. My mom has always helped me with whatever bullshit I'm going through.

She's also helping me figure out what to do right now, and making sure I don't just give up and stay a miserable p.o.s.

I'm not dropping my hard-as-shit literature class. I'm taking the midterm and at this point, I feel good about it. I guess our teacher wants us to just do well and understand, rather than amaze her with these clear and brilliant points on poetry and the meanings of the works. 

I also have to take a Sociology midterm, but I like Sociology and it makes sense.

Maybe I'll be a translator but maybe I'll do sociology/anthropology. I could also possibly study Greek or Mandarin or Portuguese. I don't know, I just find the ability to speak multiple languages extremely amazing. Not in another person romantically, but just in general.

America needs more foreign language education. 

Okay, I need to get ready. Wish me luck.

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Stan said...

I envy any person able to speak multiple languages. I have tried to learn another language in my later years but found it very difficult. American schools should make it manditory for all students to learn at least a second language.