Saturday, November 1, 2008


I'm thinking of changing my major to Classics.

I won't, but I love the idea of moving to Greece and traveling through the Mediterranean researching ruins and gods that aren't discussed anymore. I feel like marrying someone Greek and eating Baklava once in a while. I want to sit on a beach with clear blue water. 

I was talking about Japan again last night. As claustrophobic as that society is, I really would love to live there again. Even if I don't have a deep friendship with 2 people, at least I'll have 20 to e-mail with, get a drink with and bullshit with.

Right now, I have no friends I see and hang out with on a regular basis. Open bar last night was good though. I needed some drinks and a loud and crazy cab ride back to get out all the kinks.

This doesn't change the fact that I have to translate Cavalcanti and read more about Dante.

We're doing La Vita Nuova and moving onto La Commedia soon. I need to get into Italian.

Does anyone know any Italians who need a boyfriend? Thanks.

Right. Off to the Cavalcanti.

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