Saturday, December 20, 2008

Be Mine!

I'm doing my revision for the Italian final paper I'd been freaking out about.

My topic has broadened a bit and changed to the evolution of the idealization of the woman loved. It's really hard to make sure I'm talking about the idealization and not the figure of the woman herself as she's never really humanized. She's just this amazing image in a poet's head.

Which just made me think, "Don't I do the same when I think about what I want in a relationship?" Which might explain why I'm eternally single. 

I picked up some new cd's I'd been looking at for a while. I've listened to "Be Mine!" by Robyn for about a year and a half now but it never gets old. Pick it up for Christmas, it's worth it.

Back to the paper. 5 pages to go. 

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