Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh baby can't you see, 待つのは得意じゃないけど...

Commencing Anthropology essay.

We were talking in class the other day about our favorite thing (out of the art world, or what we can relax to).

I said languages and music, specifically how someone expresses themselves through the lyrics in a song in different languages. English tends to be a bit more rhythm gamey and flat out with emotions, Italian I'm honestly not sure but a lot of it is kind of...corny to me (unless it's Carmen Consoli), and Japanese uses shitloads of imagery and description, plus lots of forever's (永遠) and I love you's. 

In other news, my friend told me to find a boyfriend. Pardon me while I find out what is wrong with me. Clearly I'm an ugly beast with a low intelligence level.

Oh wait not so much. I will be the 40 year old virgin. Oh my. (I'm more than half-way.) Less to take up my oh-so-plentiful free time.

Right. Onto conservation in Southeast Asia. Go makeout with your significant other if you're reading this. You should be fucking, not reading a blog.

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