Saturday, November 22, 2008

Il cerchio

We've started and finished Dante. I really like his stuff, and it's really interesting to see how his body of work reflects his life at the time. Of course, as it's literature, you can't parallel everything to a real-life event as there's no auto-biography written by the great author himself.

It's amazing to see how he wrote all of these beautiful works in the dolce stil novo period, and then gets hardened, and goes so far as to write in poetry in hard sounds and in a really hard, tormented manner. 

Of course the Comedy in and of itself is layered with morality, personality and emotions. He almost condemns his past work in Canto 5, which we read. 

In other news, I had a presentation that went far too long in Japanese, I have a Japanese accent when speaking Italian, and cronica gialla are not fun at all because I can't do thrillers in English, much less Italian peppered with Sicilian vocabulary.

I went to a show on Thursday night and got much drunker than expected, though the cab ride to my friend's was safe and much faster than a trip back to my own home. I'll  be doing that more often.

Off to do absolutely, positively nothing.

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