Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Al fino

Finally, I am almost done with the Fall Semester of 2008.

It seriously blew. I didn't do my best, I took 21 hours of class, and I let myself (and to some extent my professors) down. 

However, I did pretty well in some aspects. My Italian has improved, I've gotten a bit better about being proactive in regards to readings and homework, if only a little bit, and I didn't party. 

I had Japanese yesterday which was surprisingly long but not too bad. I slept when I got home, woke up at midnight, read, then did some homeworks to be resubmitted for the end of the semester. 

I got a box of candy for my professor since she was really kind. She went so out of the way to help me. I love professors that come off as stern and serious at first but turn out to be the most interesting, kind and amazing people ever. 

Now I'm off get ready and go to school to study for my last final. Wish me luck. 



Stan said...

Good luck on your final. And Happy Holidays to you.

Cross these oceans said...

Thank you! It went well.
I hope you had a Merry Christmahannukwanzaa.
Being multidenominational is safer haha.